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 Homeopathy has ancient roots, both the  Greeks and the Egyptians were aware that "like cures like" but they  never refined this concept. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, who  had closed his practice because he felt the medicine of the time was  lacking in scientific principles, was the person who not only  investigated "like cures like", he also refined the concept into what  today is known as homeopathy. 

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 Hi, I'm Sue, let me tell you a little bit about  me. I am a nurse who absolutely loved nursing for a long time but the  increased tasks given to RN's finally made me want out. Eating a meal  and going to the ladies weren't something easily done by the time I  started looking for an out. But it really wasn't until a patient's  family member attacked me for trying to get her Mom out of bed that I  hit my limit. A friend told me about homeopathy but I didn't research  it. Literally, I almost fell over the book that told me about this  healing system in 1990. I applied to a local school, almost quit that  first day since I knew nothing about the subject nor did I own one book.  But I am nothing if not stubborn and the idea that your body is capable  of healing itself really appealed and made sense to me. So I kept going  until I completed a foundational course in homeopathic "medicine " and a post grad course (my HMC). Homeopathic remedies have changed my own health and the health of all of my clients.

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Student nurses have told me for years how good a teacher they thought I was  but it didn't really matter until homeopathy when I wanted to shout  from rooftops about the wonders of this system. So I began giving  classes, enthusiastically giving so much information in short span of  time people were stunned leaving the talk! Continuing to do this has  allowed me to refine my talks but I could only reach a handful of people  at any time. So I created a home study course. You can learn on your  own or in a webinar setting, whichever works best for you. Check out the  Drug Free Healing tab for more information.

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