“Like cures like” – it is also known as the Law of Similars and is the first principle of homeopathy. If a substance is not given to match presenting symptoms then the treatment is not homeopathic. To be homeopathic the totality (majority) of symptoms must be matched to a homeopathic remedy. This is the principle of Totality of Symptoms. Another principle is that of the Minimum Dose, the smallest dose is the one needed for healing (one globule/ pellet/ tablet), not an entire vial, not 2-5 pellets(one).

I am often asked what does homeopathy treat. The answer is everything but that statement confuses people who are used to specialists in various areas of medicine. Homeopathy treats the person who has a health problem. Not the disease, the person, the unique person with a problem. I work with my clients to eliminate their asthma,ADD, AD/HD,depression,irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s and many other “diseases”.

Hahnemann sought freedom on all levels for his patients with his remedies, freedom to live life’s highest purpose. Homeopathy helps people do just that.